1974 Born in Boston, MA
1984 Moves with family to Santa Monica, CA
Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA
1996 BFA, University of California Santa Barbara
2009 The Great / Galerie Anais / Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
2008 Everything is a Love Story / DCA / Los Angeles, CA
2007 One Million Colors / DCA / Los Angeles, CA
2006 You Are Everything / Glu Gallery / Los Angeles, CA
2005 Coming And Going / The Jaxon House / Venice, CA
2012 Great Promise / The Watermill Center / New York, NY
2012 Visual Chronicles / Salt Fine Art / Laguna Beach, CA
2012 Incognito / SMMOA / Santa Monica, CA
2011 Incognito / SMMOA / Santa Monica, CA
2010 Incognito / SMMOA / Santa Monica, CA
2010 Marine Salon #7 / Marine Art Salon / Santa Monica, CA
2010 On Paper / George Billis Gallery / Los Angeles, CA
2009 Incognito / Santa Monica Museum of Art / Santa Monica, CA
2008 Incognito / Santa Monica Museum of Art / Santa Monica, CA
2006 16th Biennial Auction / San Francisco Museum of Modern Art / San Francisco, CA
2005 Tiger Tiger Rain Rain / Curated by Heller at The Jaxon House / Venice, CA
1997 Recent Work: Tom Fruin and Matthew Heller / Gallery 1434 / Santa Barbara, CA
Specific personal narratives along with my own current emotional energy is my creative instigation though the personal narrative rarely remains the main focus. The emotional energy I put into a piece is constant throughout my process of "finding" a painting. The placement of one figure/object will lead to another figure/object, which leads to another mark, which leads to the covering up of something only to introduce something else. My paintings are built from layers of elements coming and going and are not highly premeditated (usually). I approach writing (poetry) similarly. Though not blindly, I often stumble through my work searching, exploring the human condition.

November 2013